Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Next Year Santana

The Red Sox are currently the front runner to trade for Johan Santana. The Mets were reported as being back into the mix for a possible option for a trade. Santana would be much better in the National League and I feel he would be a good fit with the Mets. If the Mets did end up trading for him, it would kind of feel like it did when the Mets signed Pedro Martinez a few years ago. The Mets would have a much better pitching staff then last year with a real ace.

The good news if the Mets do not trade for Santana nor does any team is he will be a free agent next season. Santana said the Mets are one of the top ideal teams he would like to play for. The Mets would be able to spend that money on him because their contract with Pedro Martinez would have ended. The Mets could re-sign Pedro for less money; maybe not resign, but either way they would have money to spend on a top line starter. So if no one trades for Santana look for the Mets to be one of the strongest bidders.

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Pissed said...

Pedro or not the Mets HAVE the MONEY to sign Santana for $30 million per year.
I'm so tried of hearing and reading about the Mets "could afford Santana" when he becomes a FA. Man the Mets are worth the most money of any club after the Yankees.