Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No Bedard or Haren

The more I hear the radio and newspaper articles the less I believe the Mets will trade for either Dan Haren or Erik Bedard. I have stopped believing the Mets would trade for Haren after the Milledge deal. Billy Beane is the General Manager of Oakland and does this to us every year. He has a front line guy that we’re interested but we never trade for that player because he always asks for too much. I think that it is time as Mets fans that we realize their will never be a deal with Oakland as long as Billy Beane is around.

Last night, I was extremely confident that Erik Bedard would be traded today. I thought the Mets had a real shot at him if they just offered Pelfrey instead of Humber in the reported deal that would send Gomez, Heilman, and Humber to the Orioles. The quick fix to make the deal work would be to just switch Pelfrey with Humber or add Mulvey into the deal. I also thought the Dodgers were going to make an extremely strong bid after loosing out on Miguel Cabrera but apparently they do not want to trade their young guys who they believe will provide an important role next season. Bedard does not need to be traded this year as his contract goes till 2009. He could be traded next year and most likely get more.

The Mets will ultimately miss out on Bedard and Haren. Omar better do some good searching if he wants our pitching staff to be successful next year.

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