Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Win now Omar

By trading away Lastings Milledge the Mets decided that they want to win now. They gave up a young 22 year old with major potential for an aging catcher and a career backup. In my opinion the Mets have no excuse for not making a trade for a premier pitcher this off-season.

The Mets could not wait on Milledge because they wanted to win now. If the Mets end up with a crappy pitching staff this year and do not make the playoffs wouldn’t have been better to have just kept Lastings Milledge and actually let him play in the Majors and develop. The time to trade away the farm is now. The Mets need to get that big name starter to win. The Mets want to win now so prospects that are in AA will only help the Mets in a couple years not next season. Omar decided he cannot wait to win so now he must do everything to make that happen by trading away all the young talent.

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captainoblivion said...

Omar is probably just trying to keep his job after the "collapse".

He's really got to go. We need a GM who will tell the NY media (and fan base) to shove it while he does what's best for the team