Monday, May 18, 2009

Coronado Sent Down

23 year old shortstop Jose Coronado was recently sent down from AAA Buffalo to AA Binghamton. The Mets have been rushing Coronado through the farm system and after hitting .141 for Buffalo they had to send him down.

Coronado ended the 2005 season in A- Hagerstown (now Savannah) batting .225. The following season the Mets had Coronado play the entire year as a 20 year old in the Florida Coast League for the St. Lucie Mets where he hit .225 in 138 games. The following season the Mets started him in AA Binghamton where he continued to struggle with the bat as he hit .212.

Coronado has always struggled with the bat but he does play good defense due to good hands and average arm and athleticism. It is very clear the Mets have been rushing Coronado up because he starts in a better league every year. Though, there should be no rush for Coronado because the Mets have Jose Reyes at shortstop and he will be a Met for at least a few more years. Leaving the young shortstop in AA for at least the all star break would be a good move. Coronado is 3 for 9 since being sent down with only 1 strikeout. He needs to show he can hit consistently if he wants to move up to AAA and eventually the majors; If not he will be a defensive specialist at best because he has no power and average speed.