Friday, February 22, 2008

Do people win in the ticket lottery?

The New York Mets sent emails today to the people who won the recent ticket lottery for opening day and Yankees tickets. Once again, I did not win the lottery. The lottery was installed prior to the 2006 playoffs. Dave Howard, the Mets’ executive vice president decided to abandon the traditional method of making tickets available at box offices because the large number of season tickets left a limited inventory for public sale (Times).

It sounds like a good idea at first glance. Evert has an equal chance to go to select games. It doesn’t matter if you’re a die hard fan or if you just want to re-sell the tickets, you had an equal shot. But as I soon found out, the chance of winning is extremely remote. Since the lottery was installed their has been roughly 6 lotteries to win postseason, Yankees, or opening day tickets. I have yet to win.

After missing out on the chance to go to opening day again, I am wondering how is this fair? I know and hear of people who win almost every time, some just enter once, while I will enter multiple people; family, friends, and go with them but no of them ever win. I miss the days when the most passionate and dedicated fan got to go to the game because they would sit outside in the freezing cold to get tickets or even just wake up early so they could be on the website right as the ticket sales opened.

Minor League Report: Jonathon Niese profiles Jon Niese. "Niese last year pitched for the St. Lucie Mets of the Florida State League, the most competitive Class A affiliate the Mets have and, according to Waits, he's "reached the turning point." Niese may pitch at Double-A Binghamton this year after "getting to the point all pitchers get to," Waits said. Waits said Niese improved his command and his changeup, and he learned how to use the improvement in both areas to his benefit. He won 11 of 18 decisions, producing a 4.27 ERA in 27 starts and 134 1/3 innings in 2007. His hits allowed were a bit high -- 151. But he reduced his walks from 67 in 133 2/3 in 2006 -- all but 10 of the innings at a lower level of Class A -- to 31 in 134 1/3 innings last season. His final 10 starts produced a 4-3 record, but a 3.38 ERA as well."

Monday, February 11, 2008

First Base....Gotay?

The Mets are going into the 2008 season with Carlos Delgado as their starting first baseman. As everyone knows, Delgado just came off his worst season yet and chances are he will not return and be the slugger he used to be. The backup for first base will be on Damien Easily and Marlon Anderson.

Ever since easily tied the game with 2 outs in extra innings against the Rockies I have loved him. He was injured for the second part of last season but played well for most of the first half. Hopefully his age will not get in the way of playing effectively but we will have to wait to the season starts to find out.

The biggest problem I have with Marlon Anderson playing first base is he is our best pinch hitter. He is always clutch and I would rather keep him on the bench for those key spots then put him in the order where he is less effective.

The Mets have almost no depth in the minors at first base. Mike Carp will spend most of season in either AA or AAA and hopefully he will stay healthy which he did not in 2007.

The Mets must teach Ruben Gotay to play first base. Earlier this off-season I have suggested that Gotay should also learn to play outfield because with the new 4 year contract of Luis Castillo when is Gotay going to start there. He needs to learn a new position and after 2008 he could potentially be there new first baseman…. Maybe

I still hate Willie Randolph

The Mets got Johan Santana, the new season is about to start and the Mets are hoping to win the World Series. The thing is, I have not forgotten about last year and I have not let Willie Randolph off the hook. Just because the Mets have a better team than last year I still hate Randolph. I still believe he is the most at fault for the disappointing finale of last season. I wanted him to have been fired after last season but he was not. So as the season starts do not let Willie off the hook, remember how much it hurt last year and if Willie does not get the team to play well… bye bye.