Monday, November 19, 2007

Bedard and Hernandez?

The Mets were unable to sign Yorvit Torrealba as the 3 year deal fell through over the weekend. I was actually quite happy to see that the Mets did not sign Torrealba and his .219 road batting average, .251 career average, and the fact that this was his first season as a starter while averaging only 62 games a year throughout his career. The Mets are not planning on re-signing Paul Lo Duca because they did not like his attitude and also they think a multiple year contract is not the best idea for a 36 year old catcher. Currently, the Mets only have Ramon Castro who probably would not last the entire season as a starter as he is constantly getting injured and most likely his stats would not be as good as they would be if he was coming off of the bench.

The Mets need two things right now; starting pitching and a catcher. In order to accomplish both I have feel the best possible option is via trade. Ramon Hernandez of the Orioles is good both offensively and defensively. Hernandez had an off year only playing 106 games while batting .258 with 9 home runs, 62 rbis, 40 runs, 36 walks, and 56 strikeouts. Though, in 2006 Hernandez played in 144 games while batting .275 with 23 home runs, 91 rbis, 66 runs, 43 walks, and 79 strikeouts. It would also be nice to see Hernandez and Peterson reunited from the days with the Oakland Athletics where they had so much success. Hernandez would be able to contribute both offensively, if he stays healthy, and defensively, with a career .988 fielding percentage, along with working well with the pitching staff.

The other key player in the trade would be starter Erik Bedard. The 28 year old Bedard finished the 2007 season with a 13-5 record, a 3.16 ERA and 221 strikeouts despite missing an entire month with a strained right oblique. Bedard has gotten better every year with the Orioles in era 13.50, 4.59, 4.00, 3.76, 3.16 and strikeouts 1, 121, 125, 171, 221. Bedard also knows Mets Bullpen Catcher, Dave Racaniello because they were both on the same team as when they won the Junior College World Championship with Norwalk Community College. Bedard is continuing to improve and he could be an ace for the New York Mets. Bedard would also be easier to trade for then Johann Santana and in my opinion Bedard has endless possibilities. I have always liked Bedard just because he is a solid baseball player from Canada where His high school in Navan, Ontario, did not even have a baseball team. He walked onto the baseball team at a community college in Norwalk Connecticut and after being drafted in the 6th round worked his way up and is now an ace.

The trade would be as followed: the Orioles would give the New York Mets Ramon Hernandez and Erik Bedard. The Mets would have to part with Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez, Fernando Martinez, Mike Pelfrey, Kevin Mulvey and or Phillip Humber, Mike Carp and (maybe Ruben Gotay).

I see it like this; Milledge is going to have a good to great career in my opinion. He is the best young player the Mets have to trade and if the Mets do make a trade he is almost certain to go. Gomez has a lot of talent but people wonder if he will just be a pinch runner and a defensive replacement or if he will be able to hit consistently in the majors. Martinez is real young and already in AA. The sky is the limit for him but will he live up to the hype? Pelfrey is the Mets best pitching prospect so if they trade for a big pitcher, expect to give him up. Mulvey in my eyes will become a number 4 or 5 starter and possibly a long reliever. I know he is improving pretty well but I don’t really like what I have seen from him. Humber has had lots of injuries which have prevented him to live up to his potential. Scouts don’t love his stuff and chances are his injuries will nag him throughout his entire career.

Mike Carp is done in my opinion. Since his injury he has really struggled especially in the power department. As a first baseman who does not bring a good glove and does not bat for average, Carp will not have a successful career if he doesn’t get his pop back. Gotay could be trade simply because the Mets do not need him as a starter. He is mature enough and good enough to start for many teams. He is almost turning into a Jeff Kepinger type of player because the Mets are beginning to underutilize Gotay in my opinion. Castillo has a 4 year deal and Gotay cant and shouldn’t come off the bench for the next 4 years.

If this trade works the Mets have an ace in Bedard who is under contract until 2009 and a catcher in Ramon Hernandez who pitching Coach Rick Peterson already knows can get the job done. This trade could be the thing to turn the Mets in World Series Champions and maybe even a dynasty.


Anonymous said...

Your giving up way too much talent if you ask me.

DJ said...

That is a terrible idea. While I'm open to trades, the one you mentioned would nearly wipe out our farm system for the next 3-4 years. Are you sure you're not a Philly or Atlanta fan?

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you're not the GM!

Realistic said...

This is crazy!!! If you're going to trade Top prospects then you're going to do it for Santana. And how does this make us a dynasty? Bedard is not that good. He has one good year and you guys think he the next Tom Seaver. Also, have you looked at what the other top teams have in their rotation.