Monday, October 01, 2007

Willie Mays Hayes Syndrome

In the movie Major League, outfielder Willie Mays Hayes always tried to go for the home run instead of putting the ball on the ground and using his speed to get hits. In the movie, the coaches changed Hayes and got him to hit grounders and liners instead of fly balls. He then became the catalyst on the team and helped the Indians make it to the ALCS.

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Jose Reyes suffers from Willie Mays Hayes Syndrome. Jose has been hitting the ball in the air almost every at-bat. The Mets suffered and ended up loosing the division in part because of the sloppy play of Reyes. After batting .307 before the all star break with 4 home runs, 9 triples, and 35 rbis. Since the all star break Jose had an average of .251 with 8 home runs, 3 triples, and 22 rbis. In the month of september Reyes was awful batting .205 with 2 home runs, 8 rbis, and had just 5 stolen bases while being thrown out 4 times. Jose needs to learn that in order to be successful he needs to hit line drives and not home runs. He needs to get singles and steal, not hit triples every time. He needs to be the catalyst he was all of last year and that he was in the first half of the season if the Mets want to win and if he wants the boo's to stop.

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