Monday, September 17, 2007

Willie's bad bullpen use

The Mets Bullpen played terrible against the Phillies this past weekend. Yesterday Mota is put in a tie game. He then gives up a hit, then an error, then a another walk. Willie opps to bring Sosa in. Sosa follows by walking in a run followed by a grand slam. A tie game is now 10-5. I think every Mets fan hates Mota, He sucks and rarely pitches well, his era being 6.06. My rule of thumb on Sosa is to only let him start innings instead of brining him in with runners on base. I have just noticed he usually does better starting off innings compared to coming in mid-way throught the inning. If it was up to me I would release Mota and mix in pitchers that are not going to pitch in the post-season for a few days just to give some of the guys that are being pitched a couple of days in a row a little breather.

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