Monday, September 17, 2007

Hernandez to the Pen?

Orlando Hernandez is missing his scheduled start tonight and being replaced by Brian Lawrence. The post-season is right around the corner and El Duque has not pitched very well in his last two starts. Hernandez went 3 innings and 5 earned runs against the Phillies on August 30. He then went on the DL with a foot injury. In his first start back against the braves Hernadez went 3 innings again and 8 earned runs.

If Hernadez continues to struggle or if he misses another start I would put him in the bullpen for the post season. We all know he is good coming out of their; think back to the 2005 white sox. It would strengthen the bullpen and allow both Maine and Perez to have the chance to step up like last year. Let's think about the future in this move too. We want to get Maine and Perez more experience for future years and this is the best way to help the club now and in the future.

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