Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mets no Cordero; Braves get Dotel; Shut Up Steve

There were rumors that the Mets were close to obtaining Chad Cordero from the Nationals for Kevin Mulvey and another prospects but it did not happen. Frankly, I'm disapointed. I don't like Mulvey and I like Cordero. Imagine having Heilman in the 7th, Cordero 8th, and Wagner 9th with Felicano mixing in. That would be an unstopable bullpen. The Mets did not make any trades today after landing Luis Castillo yesterday.

The Braves improved their bullpen by acquiring Octavio Dotel in exchange for right-handed starter Kyle Davies. All I have been hearing on ESPN by Steve Phillips is how great the Braves are now and how they are the team to beat. Phillips also said the Mets could be in jeopardy of making the playoffs. Once again Steve Phillips does not know what he is talking about considering the Mets have the best record in the National League. Steve also said that he believes the Braves have the best offense now by a lanslide. All I have to say to you Steve is shut up.

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