Tuesday, July 31, 2007

If I caught 755 or 756

Barry Bonds is on the verge of becoming the all time home run leader. I was thinking what I would do if I caught home run 755 or 756. I know I have no chance be it that Bonds is playing in the West Coast and I’m here in the east. But you can still think what you would have done.

If I caught 755 or 756 I would not sell, I would not give it to the hall of fame, and I would not keep it. When I caught it I would pull out a Sharpe and draw a big * (asterisk) right on the ball. I would then hold up the ball for all the cameras, people, and especially Barry Bonds to see. After a minute or two I would then look at the ball and then throw it on the field. The ball would be tainted with a big asterisk on it so if it were to go into the hall of fame everyone would see what the fans thought. If Bonds kept the ball he would have to live with the stain on it forever. I know I would be giving up thousands or millions of dollars but I believe that would send a message to Bonds that no one is with you.

The best part for me would be after the game. If I would be interviewed and to be asked why I did it I would say, “Barry Bonds is the biggest tool and juicer in the game of baseball. Barry gained about 50 pounds from 1985 to now and have you seen the difference in pictures. I would like to ask Barry’s trainer what program he used to gain all that muscle. Oh wait, I can’t because his trainers in jail for distributing steroids.” Lets just hope Barry is unable to reach 756 or please don’t let him have the ball.


Anonymous said...

no one is with barry?
right, no one was cheering in SF tonight.
innocent until proven guilty jackass.

Evan said...

send this post to the mets fan that caught 756 tonight.

" A fan wearing a Mets jersey wound up with the historic ball. Matt Murphy of New York emerged from the stands with the souvenir and a bloodied face, and was whisked to a secure room."

Kyle said...

Yea, there obviously with him he did it in san fran you dumbass.... you would have to be retarded and naive to believe that Barry Bonds has not used roids, you are probably the only Mets fan I have met that likes bonds.... cmon he is a cheater and an asshole