Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Bob Herzog at Newsday writes about how the young Met starters thrill pitching coach Rick Peterson. "What we had was a major gap of untapped potential and we had guys who were totally committed to wanting to gap that potential for themselves. It was important to know whether Maine and Perez gained wisdom or just experience from the postseason. There's a big difference between wisdom and experience. We weren't going to know that until mid-March. But they went about their business all spring and we knew."

While Jeremy Cothran at the Star Ledger writes about the new confidence and ability by young pitcher Oliver Perez. Rick Peterson had this to say; "When he came here his delivery was a mess. It's solid right now. And he's worked incredibly hard, his bullpens have been solid."

At the New York Post, Mark Hale writes about how Carlos Delgado helped John Maine during mondays Home Opener. John Maine had this to say when Delgado came to the mound, "It was just, he says I was flying open and it was something that I see more often now but sometimes I don't,and he's got a good viewpoint and he was just like, 'Stay closed,' because that's the way I'm more effective, instead of flying open and the ball is going all over the place."

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