Sunday, October 05, 2008

Not Again!

The Mets season once again ended in a blink of the eye. Once again, on the final day of the season the Mets were unable to win just one game and get themselves into the playoffs. But we learned a lesson this year. We learned what we will need to make our club a championship club.

First the bullpen; the Mets need a total reconstruction of the bullpen. They need to trade Heilman, Schoenweis, and one other reliever whether it’s Ayala or Sanchez I don’t really care. Everyone knows Heilman has good stuff but he is a complete nutcase and can not get it done when it counts. Schoenweis is just a joke but give him a little credit because at least he cares, something you can’t say about a lot of other Mets.

The Mets starting pitching will be significantly different next season. The Mets will most likely not retain Oliver Perez and who really wants Pedro back after his inability down the stretch. That means the Mets will only have Maine, Pelfrey, and Santana. Most likely Niese will also be in the starting rotation but who knows. With that being said the Mets will need to get 1 solid starter if they want to have a deep rotation.

Time to talk about the Mets position players; the easiest decision this off season might be to trade Luis Castillo. Castillo batted a mere .245, .47 points under his career average. He cannot do anything at the plate in all honesty and he doesn’t have the same range he used to have on defense. I feel like Orlando Hudson would be the perfect player to put at second. He wants to play in New York and his personality is great and he can be a leader in the clubhouse. I also see an outfield change whether they bring in a free agent in left or trade church.

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