Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Relievers in the Minors

The New York Mets bullpen has not been very good after the first month of regular season play. With starting pitching being very spuratic, the mets relievers are being overworked. Just to name a few, but Heilman is on pace to pitch in around 90 games and he has an era of 6.28. Schoenweis, Smith, and Sosa are all on pace to pitch in the almost 80 games. With this being said the Mets will need to get fresh arms, and luckily they have plenty in their minor league system.

In AAA, one of my favorite relivers, Willie Collazo has pitched in 10 games and has an era of 1.71. Carlos Muniz has an era of 0 with 2 saves after 6 games.

In AA, Eddie Camacho has an era of 2.3 after 8 games (15.2) innings. German Marte has an era of 1.54 and 2 saves after 8 games. After a fast start, Eddie Kuntz is once again struggling and now has an era of 5.06 and 4 saves after 9 games.

In A+ the best reliver is Ryan Coultas after starting the season with a 3.52 era after 9 games pitched. Finally, in A-, the best reliever thus far has Jose Bierd with a 1.04 era in 9 games.

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