Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Carlos: No Curtain Call; No Problem

On Sunday, Carlos Delgado hit a home run late in the game, his second of the afternoon, and jogged around the bases; business as usual.

However, the Shea crowd wanted a curtain call from Carlos, feeling he deserved it. Carlos decided to stay in the dugout, and David Wright was seen crossing his arms, as if giving the "safe" sign as an umpire would, and mouthing "DO NOT GO OUT THERE".

After the game, Delgado said, "it was not me sending a message to the fans." He also later said, "There is not bad blood between the fans and the players."

interesting...very interesting...I can't decide which I find to be more intriguing: Delgado NOT coming out, or Wright TELLING him not to...interesting indeed, however, I was at the game on Sunday, and I was one of the many in attendance calling for the curtain call. I was NOT however, one of many that BOOED when Delgado did not emerge with a fist pump, and a wave.

Initially, I was unhappy with his decision, especially since I was one of the fans who wanted one. However, after looking at the situation, taking into account his season up until now, I agree with him. Why would you a) go and wave to fans that have been booing you at every oppertunity, b) go and wave when all you did was hit two homeruns, which he has done many times before in his career? If it is mid-season, and Delgado has been hitting a little better, than MAYBE a curtain call happens, but I just think that in this situation, Carlos made the right decision


Jiffy said...

You also have to look at how many times in his career he's even come out for a curtain call. He only recalls two (when he hit 4 hr's, and when he hit his 400th hr), and ESPN can only find 4 other times. So for his entire career, it's not something he's done anyways. I don't know why this is an issue at all.

pcsolotto said...

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