Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thoughts on Citi Field

As everyone knows, this season will be the last season at Shea Stadium. The Mets are building a brand new stadium that is supposed to be more fan friendly creating a better experience when you go to a game. But will Citi Field actually be better than Shea?

With Citi Field you get a new, clean, high tech stadium where every seat is a good seat. No more back row lodge or mezzanine where you can’t even see half the field. There will be more restaurants, activities, and most importantly more leg room at your seat. Everything will be easier to get to in the stadium making Citi Field very easy and fun.

But with the good comes the awful. There will be close to 13,000 fewer seats and with attendance records being re-set every year, it will be nearly impossible to get a seat. Ticket prices are going to soar. I can already see it, paying 40 dollars for an upper deck seat. I thought baseball was supposed to be the cheapest sport to get tickets too. I can not wait to go to a game and pay 40 dollars only to be forced into standing and not having a seat. Who am I kidding, I will never be able to go to a game and get tickets on game day anymore.

Let’s not forget to focus on the most important issue, bathrooms. There are a total of 568 bathrooms at Shea and 345 (61%) are men’s bathrooms. It is already hard enough having to wait in the line if you go during the break between innings. Citi field will only have 51% of there bathrooms being men’s.

In the end, Citi Field is a good thing. Not for the average fan, but for the Mets and their investors by increasing the number of suits from 45 to 54.


Anonymous said...

Is citi field going to be better than the new yankee stadium?

~Your Favorite cousin

Kyle said...

Is shea better than Yankee Stadium? Personal Prefrence...