Friday, March 07, 2008

Please, No Bonds

There has been recent talk of the Mets possibly signing Free Agent Barry Bonds. The pile of injuries are stacking up for the Mets right now, especially in the outfield with Alou, Church, and Anderson out. The Mets will need to find a replacement for Alou as he will be out 4 to 6 weeks but probably more like 8 weeks. At his blog, Buster Olney believes it time for the Mets to discuss signing Barry Bonds following the recent wave of injuries.

I do not want Bonds to be on the Mets. I would rather the Mets loose games rather than have to cheer for him. On July 31 I wrote an article showing my hatred for Bonds and what I would do if I caught his homerun ball. Bonds is arrogant and has 0 class. I have already heckled him at Shea and I am sure almost all Mets fans would rather have Fernando Martinez in left rather than Bonds.

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