Sunday, March 02, 2008

Are Spring Traing Games Worth Watching?

Spring Training has finally begun. This is the time of year where you see both major league and minor league talent coming together to get ready for the next season. But are these meaningless games even worth watching or paying attention too?

During the actual season every game matters and each game brings a new challenge. In spring training players rarely play an entire game in meaningless games. Games are usually filled with little excitement as pitchers go very few innings resulting in the occasional tie.

Meaningless spring training games are definitely worth watching. My favorite part is watching the young talent. How often are you going to get to watch Fernando Martinez or Eddie Kuntz play? You get to see how good these players can be, even if it is only for a limited time. Most importantly it gets you ready for the regular season. It gets the team ready and it gets the fans excited for the start of a new season. You get to watch players play the game but have fun more than anything else.

So who cares that the games don’t matter. It allows us just to be fans and enjoy watching you talent while all the players get ready for the next season and a World Series title.

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