Monday, February 11, 2008

I still hate Willie Randolph

The Mets got Johan Santana, the new season is about to start and the Mets are hoping to win the World Series. The thing is, I have not forgotten about last year and I have not let Willie Randolph off the hook. Just because the Mets have a better team than last year I still hate Randolph. I still believe he is the most at fault for the disappointing finale of last season. I wanted him to have been fired after last season but he was not. So as the season starts do not let Willie off the hook, remember how much it hurt last year and if Willie does not get the team to play well… bye bye.

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Anonymous said...

Bye bye is right.

Good bye to this site as one of the feeds I've got on my website.

This is the kind of crap I've been hoping real Mets fans would avoid dishing out.