Saturday, December 01, 2007

Milledge trade may end up haunting Mets

Over at Fox Sports Joel Sherman writes about how the Milledge trade may end up haunting Mets.

"The Mets better be right about Lastings Milledge. They better know that he will max out, at best, as a good player and not a star because he has character issues — not just immaturity — and those character issues are going to blunt his full talent from blossoming. The last time the Mets projected such worries about a first-round draft choice they traded Scott Kazmir to Tampa Bay, an ill-fated deal that has them pursuing a prime-age ace even now. In fact, the Mets sound now about Church as they did about Victor Zambrano at the time of the Kazmir deal — as if they have the magic to tap abilities not shown previously. For Church, that means hitting lefties and being a base stealer. The Mets privately believe Church by himself might be better than Milledge."

The Nationals starting catcher right now will be Jesus Flores who was taken by the Nats from the Mets in last year in the Rule 5 draft pick. Thankes for putting him on the 40 man roster Omar.

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