Sunday, October 14, 2007

Milledge Deserves It!

Going into the off-season the starting right fielding job should go to Lastings Milledge. Last year Green was terrible in spring training and Milledge played well but they went with Greens experience over Milledges youth. I have heard a lot of talk about trading Milledge or obtaining a free agent guy like Fukudome from Japan. In my opinion, it would not be a wise move trading Milledge. If the Mets trade for Santana or Willis I would rather see the Mets trade Gomez or Fernando Martinez. You will hear a lot about how much potential Martinez has as a 19 year old in AA which could make him very good trade bait. Milledge is the most ready out between him and Gomez. He has been waiting for the starting right field job and for the most part has shown he is ready.

The Mets lacked heart and passion over the final weeks of the season. If you look at the way the results of the playoffs this year the teams with the most heart has moved like the Indians and Rockies while teams like the Yankees and Cubs lost easily. Milledge would help bring the heart and swagger the 2008 Mets need to make the playoffs and win a World Series. So all I can hope for is that the Mets give Milledge the chance he has been waiting for an has certainly earned.

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Anonymous said...

Actually man, they should trade Milledge. He immature and and is so inconsistent with his level of play. This guy has a ton potential, but he never seems to get it together. He got some timely hits and made some great plays in the O/F but he can't hit anything but a fastball, he is sloppy and lacks focus in the O/F, and he is not turning out to be what he was supposed to be. God knows we have enough trouble with Reyes acting like an moron (stupid smile, getting picked off twice, not running out hits), and he has proven talent. I say deal him while you can.