Monday, September 17, 2007

Phillies Win 8 in a row

What a painful game to watch. The Mets made 6 errors and looked awful in the field. I was at yesterdays game and stayed the entire game thinking the Mets might comeback against the Phil crappy bullpen. There were two highlights of the game for me. One was David Wright hitting his 30th homerun and making him part of the 30/30 club. The other highlight was when a bunch of Phillies fans around me got kicked out. The fans were obnoxious the entire game like most Phillies fans are. They then made a beer bottle pyramid which was about 7 feet high. All the Mets fans were throwing there beer bottles at the pyramid and they eventually knocked it down. The Phillies fans were then escorted out by security and the Mets fans just stayed and watched the rest of the humiliating loss. Get it together Mets....

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