Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Over the last month I have really begin to question Willie Randolph and his decisions. Tonight he replaced Scott Schoenweis, mid inning, with Jorge Sosa. Schoe looked sharp tonight and gave up 1 hit. After Milledge booted the ball to allow the runner to get to second, Willie switched Schoe with Sosa. I would have kept Schoe in and here is why; I find Sosa less productive coming in the game mid inning, I think he should only be used starting off an inning and Schoe was looking good tonight so Willie should have just let him finish the inning. Then in the 9th Willie was contemplating pinch hitting Shawn Green when Marlon Anderson was available and is a much better pinch hitter. Luckily Willie was smart enough to pinch hit Anderson and the Mets won the game. I just hope this does not continue.

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