Monday, August 13, 2007

Milledge over Green!

During yesterdays 10-4 Mets victory over the Marlins, Shawn Green went 0-4 with 2 strikeouts. Green has struggled immensely since returning from the disabled list on June 11th, over 191 at bats; Shawn Green has 10 rbis and is hitting .236 with a .274 OBP. In that time, he’s hit .153 against left-handed pitching. On the other hand, Lastings Milledge has batted .319 with 18 RBI since being activated on July 12th. Green is lucky to have his .272 average; I say this because Green got off to a hot start with a .355 average through April with 15 rbis. Green has only managed to snag 12 more runs batted in through about 3.5 more months, which is unproductive to say the least.

Green is also defensively inferior to Milledge. Sure, Milledge is a better center fielder than right but that’s because he has been a center fielder for so long. Simply put, Milledge has a better arm than Green, can cover more ground, gets better jumps on the ball, and is able to layout for the baseball without potentially getting hurt and having his hat fly off.

Everyone asked coming out of pre-season was not if but when Lastings Milledge would overtake Shawn Green as the starting right fielder. Milledge had 2 at bats for the Mets before being sent down. A few weeks later Milledge hurt his foot and did not return till July. Now as Milledge improves and Green worsens I think that it is time for Lastings to take over and be the player we all no he can be….

Then again I can’t really say it’s time for Milledge to become the player we all thought he could become when so many Mets fans lost confidence, hope, and ultimately stopped believing in Lastings Milledge. When Carlos Gomez came up and played well people forgot about how highly rated Milledge was. I would wear Milledge’s T-shirt around and fellow Mets fans would criticize and complain about Lastings Milledge as a bust and a bum. Now that he is playing well I have been called a true fan by some random Mets fans saying if I wear that shirt I must be a real fan. I just hope the Mets Organization will move on and go with one young guy because they already replaced young Ruben Gotay which was a good and respectable decision but times change and its not Greens time anymore.

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