Thursday, August 16, 2007

Heilman is Back!

Aaron Heilman is back to being himself. After coming in during the 7th inning Heilman gives up a little base hit which was followed by what Gary Cohen called a “Brain Cramp” on a bunt play where Heilman froze. But that wasn’t even Heilman at his best, in the 8th inning Wright makes an error, thus making Heilman give up lots of runs. Later that inning Difilece drops the ball at home, another error, and Heilman follows by allowing more runs. Heilman went 2 innings with 5 hits and 3 runs all of which were unearned and was the loosing pitcher for tonight’s 10-7 loss.

Personally, I do not put all the blame on Heilman; Willie Randolph made a terrible managerial decision to remove Feliciano after 1 batter, what a bad call Willie. Did you really expect Heilman to go 2 innings and get out of that no out, 2 men on jam? Joe Smith would have been perfect for that spot in the 7th, it’s a shame Smith is closing out ball games in AAA instead of contributing to the Mets. Ultimately it was a terrible loss allowing the Pirates of all teams to come back from 5 runs to win….

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