Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What will happen with Gotay?

Now that the Mets obtained second baseman Luis Castillo from the Twins Ruben Gotay will almost certainly loose his starting role. Gotay has been red hot at the plate but the Mets want a veteran staff for the most part come the post season so Castillo will take over at second base. Gotay will most likely play day games after night games for the most part and pinch hit. Ruben can also play in the outfield so look for him to start a couple games there with Beltran heading to the DL and the lack of production from Shawn Green. It is a shame that the kid is batting .350 and looses his job. Thats how it is though, so when Gotay plays he better play well and then might have a chance to get his job back.

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