Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NL looses 10 in a row, Thanks Aaron Rowand

The National League once again lost the All Star Game to the American League 5-4. Bottom 9, the NL scores 2 runs, bases loaded, and Aaron Rowand steps to the plate. The second I saw a Phillie walk up I knew the National League was going to loose. First off, Rowand should not even be an all star; .310, 11 hr, 43 rbi. I just wish Larussa didnt wasn't such a crappy manager. There was a pretty damn good player sitting on the bench in Albert Pujols who he could have put in, but no. In the fifth inning Billy Wagner left a fastball out over the plate to Indians Catcher Victor Martinez who crushed a 2 run homer. That home run was the difference maker in tonights ball game. The only highlight of the game for me was Jose Reyes going 3-4 with a run and a stolen base. Lets just hope if the Mets are in the World Series and if theres a game 7, they don't loose because they didnt have home field and all their fans behind them chearing them on...

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