Monday, July 30, 2007

Luis Castillo; a good fit?

There has been rumors flying that the Mets might make a trade for second baseman of the Twins Luis Castillo. The Mets currently have 24 year old Ruben Gotay as their starting second baseman. In 54 games Gotay is hitting .350 with 4 homeruns, 19 rbi's, 20 runs, and 2 stolen bases. Gotay has been red hot with the bat with the Mets this year but what happens if or when he cools off. Luis Castillo would be a perfect canidate. In 85 games Castillo is batting .304 with 9 stolen bases, 54 runs, and 18 rbi's. Castillo would be a solid vetran player for the bench and a good canidate for the number 2 hitter. Castillo can take a lot of pitchers and usually just slaps the ball to left field or beats the ball out. Castillo is a better defensive player over Gotay.

I like Ruben Gotay alot as a player. He has hit very well and often been clutch. I would love to see Castillo on the Mets though. I think he would be a perfect fit. He could reunite with Delgado and Lo Duca all of which were on the 2004 Marlins and were all traded during that eventfull off-season for the Marlins a few years back. But, it always seems like these are just rumors... we'll find out by tuesday at 4:00 pm.

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