Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update on Ranks:

Top Prospect Alert recently updated their 2007 New York Mets Top 10 Prospects. The new list is as followed:

#1 Carlos Gomez -- Preseason Rank: 2
#2 Fernando Martinez -- Preseason Rank: 3
#3 Mike Pelfrey -- Preseason Rank: 1
#4 Joe Smith -- Preseason Rank: 8
#5 Deolis Gurerra -- Preseason Rank: 5
#6 Philip Humber -- Preseason Rank: 4
#7 Mike Carp -- Preseason Rank: 10
#8 Robert Parnell -- Preseason Rank: NR
#9 Tobi Stoner -- Preseason Rank: NR
#10 Kevin Mulvey -- Preseason Rank: 7

The most notible changes are Carlos Gomez moving up to #1, Fernando Martinez #2, and Joe Smith to #4. I guess everyone is getting on the Gomez train after his stint in the big leagues. He has shown he could become a pretty god player. Fernando Martinez has been playing very solidly AA Binghamton. Any player at age 18 who is in AA must be pretty damn good. Joe Smith will not be considered a prospect for much longer because of his ongoing success for the Mets. Gotta love pitchers who throw sidearm.

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