Monday, April 23, 2007

Lastings Milledge Tear

Adam Rubin writes about how Lastings Milledge is tearing it up in AAA. "He’s been on a tear ever since. Milledge extended his hitting streak to six games with the Zephyrs. He was a combined 9-for-13 with a homer, four RBI and four steals during a four-game series against Memphis."

I am very glad to see this out of Lastings Milledge. The only problem is Shawn Green is hitting which is delaying the time until Milledge is back in the big leagues. Lastings Milledge showed it in spring training and is showing it now in AAA, that he can hit. He isnt playing in the Majors because Shawn Green is hitting right now with a .338 batting average, 10 rbi's, and 3 home runs. It will be intresting to see how long this will last. This is very difficult for me becuause I am such a strong Lastings Milledge fan. I want Shawn Green to play well, so the Mets win, but I want Lastings Milledge to be the starting right fielder, but then Green has to play poorly. What am I supposed to think?

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