Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gomez's chances over Milledge

Carlos Gomez is having a pretty good season thus far in AAA New Orleans. He has a .299 batting average with 13 runs, 7 rbis and 9 stolen bases in 20 games. 6 foot 4 Carlos Gomez is 21 years old weighing 195 and is from the Dominican Republic. He is considered faster Jose Reyes with his long strides and in spring training Reyes and Gomez would race; Gomez would win the majority of the times.

Today, Lastings Milledge was placed on the DL. 22 year old Milledge is slightly older than Gomez, but has a lot more experience playing in the Minors since 2003. These two players could make the future Mets Outfield incredibly fast and solid defensively. The only problem is where someone that is faster than Jose Reyes bat would. Reyes in mind will continue to bat leadoff. I could not really see Gomez as a two hitter so he would be late in the lineup.

Does Gomez now have a better shot to get the call up now that Milledge is injured? No. Unless Milledge is out for an extensive period of time he will be the next outfielder called up. The Mets outfield is also playing sensational right now. Green and Alou are hitting better than expected which could delay Milledge’s call up and possibly Gomez. Also, Fernando Martinez is expected to arrive in the majors in a couple of years. He is playing AA Binghamton but is only batting .213 with 2 rbis and a home run in 12 games.

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Matt Himelfarb said...

I'm not as high on Gomez as a lot of other people. His equivalent .OBP last year was .331 and he still has trouble with the breaking ball.

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