Sunday, March 25, 2007

Stop Complaining Chan Ho Park

Recently, Pitcher Chan Ho Park has been moved to the Bullpen. Over spring training Park was buying for a role as a starter. Yesterday, Park pitched 3 innings with 0 runs and was removed from the game. After the game, the Mets told Park that they wanted him in the bullpen. Park did not take kindly to hearing that. While talking to Steve Popper, Park said,”…they ask me to be a reliever, honestly, I'm unhappy. I'm not happy.” When talking to John Delcos Park said, “When asked if he would seek his release if this was a permanent move, Park said he would have to think about it.” This brings me to my main point; Stop complaining Chan Ho Park!

Park cannot honestly complain. So far this spring Park has pitched 12.1 innings while giving up 9 earned runs, 14 hits, and has a strikeout to walk ratio of about 2/1 which is quite poor. Park was signed late in the off-season for a potential job as the 5th starter. Apparently, he believes he earned the job coming into camp and did not realize the amount of people starting for the job.

The whole thing is very simple. Pelfrey pitched better than park. Pelfrey has had a superb spring with 19 innings pitched, 6 earned runs, and a 2.84 ERA while Park has a 6.57 ERA.

I am just annoyed that Park is complaining. He should be happy to be on the roster with the way he pitched. He should be thanking Burgos and Sosa for pitching even worse than him. Plus, by being on the Roster he is making more money along with the fact he would probably refuse to play in the minors. The only reason Chan Ho Park is being given the shot he is getting is due to his past experience. Last year, Park pitched out of the Bullpen for Korea in the World Baseball Classic and did a good job. Chan Ho Park, stop complaining and just prove to the Mets that you should be a starter. You're a good pitcher, so how hard can it be?

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