Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Reason Pelfrey is #5

After lasts nights 5 inning 1 run performance Mike Pelfrey is solidifying himself as the Mets fifth starter. Wille Randolph says he has not made his mind about any starters in the rotation. It’s a given that Glavine and Hernandez are in the 1 and 2 slots. John Maine’s continued success provides obvious reason that he is most likely the 3rd starter while Oliver Perez is more than likely to be number 4.

Coming into spring training everyone knew a battle was going to take place for the final spot in the rotation. It could have been any one from Humber, Sele, Park, Vargas, Soler, Sosa, and Pelfrey. It all depended on who would pitch well. As of now the only true contenders in my opinion are Park and Pelfrey. Park is more experienced as a 33 veteran pitching in Korea and in the Major Leagues. Chan Ho has not pitched very well this spring training which is really hurting his chances. Pelfrey has pitched in 14 innings and only giving up 2 Earned Runs. He shows a lot of poise; last night he gave up a lead off double and only gave up one run. In that process he continued to burn hitters in and get outs. In my opinion, Mike Pelfrey will get the job as the 5th starter because of his great spring training. Mike Pelfrey will be a mainstay in the Mets future and I think his success will begin this season.

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