Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What Now?

The Mets unability to sign Barry Zito has left them with some big problems which might not be that easy to fix. It seemed like the Mets only plan was Zito. Now that Zito is out of the picture by signing with the San Fransisco Giants the Mets will most likely have to turn to the Trade Market. It will be very hard to get a pitcher that will actually contribute to the Mets come the playoffs without having to give up Heilman. For Example: Jason Jennings, a mediocre pitcher who was previously on the Colorado Rockies was traded to Houston for a major League ready outfielder, Willy Tavaras, and two big pitching prospects Taylor Buchholz and Jason Hirsh. With this being said it would be almost impossible to go after a #3 starter right now without parting with the combonation of Heilman and at least a prospect or two.

Some names that could be involved in the trades as prospects are; Carlos Gomez (fast outfielder with potential power), Phillip Humber (1rst round pick by Mets in 2004, injury plaqued), Mike Pelfrey, (Hard thrower, good build,6 foot 7, 22 yrs old, 1rst round by Mets in 2005 from Witchita State), John Maine + Oliver Perez (Both have post-season experience and a lot of potential, Maine is more accurate while Perez throws harder),Lastings Milledge (My favorite prospect, Name in every trade talk, natural center fielder but being moved to left or right due to Beltran, 5 tool player).

The trade market is also growing thin. Their have been previous talks with Oakland, Cleavland, and Washington. I believe if their is a trade it will be with the Oakland A's. Rich Harden, Dan Haren, and Joe Blanton are the three pitchers I have heard being mentioned. Recently, I have heard alot about a possible trade of Blanton for Lastings Milledge. Though, how much can Blanton really bring to the Mets. Remember he was a #4 started on the A's when their team was healthy. He is probbably no better than Maine, Pelfrey, and Perez. Haren and Harden are very good pitchers. Both are coming off injuries on the 2006 season, Harden only pitched 9 games in 2006. Oakland is asking for a lot in return in a trade. I promise the Mets will not loose that much to gain Harden or Haren. The Free Agent Market is also shrinking. The only pitcher the Mets have looked into it Tomo Ohka who is not amazing. Well, I guess we will just have to sit and wait for the Mets to fix the problem. Good Luck.

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