Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Talk of Trade and Winter Meeting Update

There has been talk about The Royals trading RHP Ambiorix Burgos for Brian Bannister… In 73 innings last season, Burgos, 22, was 4-5 with a 5.52 ERA. In his previous season for the Royals, he posted a 3.98 ERA while striking out 65 batters in 63 innings.

Recently, I have heard the mets possibly obtaining Rodrigo Lopez but I doubt this will pan out. He is also crap. I would rather get Erik Bedard from the Orioles. Good lefty and he is a graduate of Norwalk Comunity College...My dream school.

J.D. Drew signed with the Red Sox for a five-year, $70 million deal. Stupid move red sox. He is not even close to worth that money.

Zito Report: Zito is down to the Rangers and the Mets... The difference is:

Rangers: Mets:
More Money Rick Peterson
More Years Likes New York
Wants to WIN
Who Will Win?

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