Thursday, December 14, 2006

Baseball Prospectus Mets Top Ten Prospects

Kevin Goldstein ranks the Mets Top Ten Prospects as followed:
Excellent Prospects:
1. Fernando Martinez, cf, Age 18,(Recieved the largest bonus in the 2005 international signing season $1.4 million,Dominican Republic)
2. Philip Humber, rhp, Age 23(turns 24 december 21)
3. Mike Pelfrey, rhp Age 22(1st round, 2005, Wichita State)
Very Good Prospects:
4. Carlos Gomez, of, Age 21(Youngest Player on Mets 40 man roster)
Good Prospects:
5. Alay Soler, rhp, Age 27, (Most Experience)
Average Prospects:
6. Jon Niese, lhp, Age 20, ( 7th round, 2005, Ohio HS)
7. Kevin Mulvey, rhp, Age 21, (2nd round, 2006, Villanova)
8. Mike Carp, 1b, Age 20, (9th round, 2004, California HS)
9. Deolis Guerra, rhp, Age 17, (Allowed three or fewer runs in all 17 Sally League starts, and three only once)
10. Joe Smith, rhp, Age 22, (3rd round, 2006, Wright State)
I believe these are pretty fair rankings but I would make a few Changes. I would first switch #2Phillip Humber and #4Carlos Gomez. I would also move Mike Carp down to #6, Niese to #5, Soler to #7, and bumb everyone else up one. I remember going to a Hagerstown Suns game over the summer... Before the game I looked online to see if there were anyone with some potential... I spoted 17 year Fernando Martinez... At the time he was not nearly as popular and as highly valued as he was in early July when I saw the game. I asked someone is Fernando Martinez playing tonight... About a week before that he got injured and did not play.... Since then I have always been looking into Fernando to see his progress and now he is considered one of, if not the Mets best prospects. For the bio and to go to the site Click Here

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