Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bye Bradford

Chad Bradford, the submarine throwin reliver has apperently signed with the Orioles for a 3 year dear worth about 10.5 Million. The Mets offered him a two year deal, but I guess it was not good enough.

Reading the other Mets Blogs I am supprised people are not as disapointed as I am. This guy was money last year and who does not like the way he throws. Remember, a reason why the Mets bullpen was so effective was because they had so many different pitchers with different styles to confuse the hitter; Heilman with the 3/4 righty, Bradford submarine, Wagner Hard throwin lefty, Sanchez lefty, Feliciano 3/4 lefty. All I can say is Uh-Oh and this can not be good for their bullpen.

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