Friday, October 13, 2006

Mets Win 2-0

The Mets had a great pitching performance last night by Tom Glavine. Glavine went a superb 7 innings allowing just 4 hits and no runs. The Mets had trouble hitting Jeff Weaver most of the night even though they were supposed to dominate him because of his innability to get left handed hitters out. Beltran had a 2 run home run in the 6th inning to give the mets all they needed to make game 1 a win. Mota pitched a scoreless 8th and Wagner a scoreless 9th to obtain the shutout.

In the early innings I was quite scared. I was hoping the offense would come alive and put up some big numbers which never happend. I felt that if it went into the later innings tied that the Cards would win and the Mets bulpen would blow it. I dont know why I thought that because the bulpen is solid. Go Mets!

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