Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ewww Mets down 2-1 in Series

Darren Oliver gave the rest of the Mets' bullpen a rest on Saturday night with six scoreless innings in relief of Steve Trachsel, but the Mets lost, 5-0. Trachsel left with a right thigh contusion after facing just 12 batters and leaving the bases loaded in the second.

Awful performance tonight... It seemed like no one was trying... the mets didnt hit at all and shawn green once again can not make the big play which continues to cost the Mets. Were in a big hole now down 2-2 in the series with the unstable 25 year old, Oliver Perez pitching tommorow... At least the cards have a 24 year old named Reyes pitching tomorow night... O yeah, he was 5-8 on the season so maybe we'll get lucky...

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