Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh No Pedro

Pedro Martinez, a doubtful participant in the National League Division Series as of Thursday afternoon, was scratched from the Mets' postseason plans Thursday night after an MRI exam detected a muscle tendon tear in his left calf. General manager Omar Minaya said the pitcher, who had been scheduled to start the Mets' first playoff game, would be baseball-incapacitated for four to six weeks.

Minaya said Martinez experienced pain in the left leg Wednesday night during his flawed performance against the Braves here. A tear in the right calf caused Martinez to be assigned to the disabled list from mid-August to mid-September. The general manager was unaware of any incident that might have led to the left-leg injury.
"It's part of the game," Minaya said. "Injuries are part of the game when you put a team together."
Minaya said he was unsure whether Martinez would rejoin the team and had no definite plans about which pitcher would replace Martinez in the rotation or on the staff.

Remember the scare with Tom Glavine when they thought he could be out for the season. Its a good thing he is availiable and he will need to step it up now. Who will take the 3 spot in the post season rotation Trachale or Maine. I guarentee its Trach thought I would perfer Maine. All I can say now is Houston better not make the playoffs or the Phills... There is no way we can match up with their pitching now that pedros gone.

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