Monday, September 11, 2006


Cliff Floyd got the message Sunday: Play now or maybe not at all come October.

85 10 38 43 .318 .237

Floyd has been limited to 85 games and 291 at-bats this season, bothered by chronic pain in his left Achilles tendon. He met with Mets manager Willie Randolph for about 20 minutes before New York's series finale against Los Angeles on Sunday.

"Physically, we all know where I stand. Mentally, you have to block all the mess out. If you don't, then it allows you potentially to not have the confidence or not have whatever it is you need to get it done," Floyd said. "I have to play. If I'm going to be on the roster and be able to help this team, I have to play. I have to be counted on to go out there."

Randolph doesn't think Floyd's injury will get much better until the offseason, when he has extended rest. Floyd said he took himself out of Sunday's lineup to work on his calf, then said he intends to play most games for the rest of the season, starting with Monday's trip opener at Florida.

"I don't see Cliff as a platoon player. I don't see him as someone that can go to the end of this month not playing, and it's going to be effective for us," Randolph said.

Floyd doesn't want to be a distraction. The 33-year-old left fielder is hitting .238 with 10 homers and 38 RBI.

"Now is not the time to be worrying about Cliff's health," Floyd said. "It's about this team winning."

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