Friday, July 31, 2009

Red Hot Davis

Ike Davis has been playing his best baseball since the all star break. After a slow start to the first half of the season for AA Binghamton, .256 with 3 home runs, Davis has put on a show since the all star break. In 14 games since the all star break Davis is batting .375 with 5 home runs, 4 doubles, and 12 rbis.

I have seen Davis play twice this year and he has looked very good. He is finally hitting breaking balls and has always been able to hit fastballs which is contributing to his success. If Davis continues this hot streak he could make a bid for a call up in September especially if the Mets continue to go through outfielders.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Seven Scoreless for Holt in New Britain

On July thirteenth i took the trek to New Britain Connecticut to see Brad Holt pitch. Holt pitched a 7 scoreless innings of 4 hit baseball and struck out 7. He looked extremely dominate as his mid 90s fastball was overpowering the New Britain hitters. Scouts have said that Holt's fastball is really his only plus pitch but he has come a long way with his curve ball and on that Monday it looked pretty nice and had a lot of sharp movement.

In two starts since Holts great outing in New Britain, Holt allowed 2 runs in 6.2 innings in a win and then took the no decision on july 23 after surrendering 5 runs in 6 innings. With the way the Mets are playing it is not out of the question to bring up their top pitching prospect to see what he can do for them this year. Last year Bobby Parnell got called up in september after playing most of the year in Binghamton. So there is definetly a chance that Holt could make his major league debut this season.

Holt warming up

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bet against the Mets

With the Mets looking terrible lately, I decided what better time to try betting on them now. The Mets offense has been dreadful and there pitching has been shaky so how could I loose? I found this Site called Bet Us, set up an account and decided to test my luck. I then went to the baseball betting section, found the Mets and selected them to loose even with the spread. Of course they lost and I made some money. So even though the Mets can not win a game, at least I made some money... especially because they rip you off on tickets.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Fuller Dominates Brooklyn

Can someone tell me why James Fuller is still in A Brooklyn? Fuller, a 22 year old lefty out of Southern Connecticut State has dominated Brooklyn in the time he has been there. Last year in 8 games, 1 start, 18 innings, Fuller had an era of 1 with 22 strikeouts and opponents hit just .238 against him.

This year in 2 starts, 13 innings, Fuller is 2-0 with 13 strikeouts and just 2 walks. Fuller has shown that the hitters in the New York Penn League are no match. So I would suggest promoting him to A Savannah. He really cant do much better in Brooklyn so why not move him up...

Futures Game

17 year old Wilmer Flores and 19 year old Jenrry Meja have been selected to play in the Futures Game in St. Louis on July 12. Flores is considered the Mets top prospect after and incredible season last year in the rookie leagues at just 16 years old. Meja is a power pitcher with a great arm and a heap of potential. Full bios will be available later in the week.

Ike Davis in AA

After being the Mets first pick in the 2008 amateur draft everyone had high expectations for Ike Davis. After tearing it up for Arizona State, Davis was sent to A Brooklyn. In 58 games for the cyclones Davis struggled with both injuries and the bat. He hit .256 with 15 doubles, 17 rbis, and no home runs.

So as the 2009 season came Davis needed to prove to the Mets organization and the fans that 2008 was a fluke. Davis started the year in A St. Lucie and did a good job proving himself in 59 games there as he hit .288 with 17 doubles, 3 triples, 7 home runs, and 28 rbis.

At 6 foot 5 Davis has alot of raw power but did not show it in 2008. He has the ability to hit for both power and average and is a decent defender with a good arm. In St. Lucie Davis did a good job showing his potential power blasting 7 home runs. Davis also has a good eye as he has had an on base percentage almost .100 points higher then his batting average in every league he has pleayed in thus far. He needs to cut down on his stirkeouts a little and learn to go opposite way a little more.

Davis was called up to AA Binghamton and has played 8 games there and he has hit .333 with 3 doubles and 6 rbis. I saw Davis play Wensday, June 24 against Bowie. The B-Mets were down 4-2 going into the 9th inning. After scoring 1 run the B-mets were only needed 1 more to send it into extras. There was 1 out, runners on first and second, Davis, who was already 1-3 with a walk and 2 strikeouts stepped to the plate. Davis ripped a double down the first place line to end the game as the B-Mets won. It was a very exciting game which Davis really showed hit ability as a good hitter, clutch player, but also that he still needs alot of work before reaching his potential.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coronado Sent Down

23 year old shortstop Jose Coronado was recently sent down from AAA Buffalo to AA Binghamton. The Mets have been rushing Coronado through the farm system and after hitting .141 for Buffalo they had to send him down.

Coronado ended the 2005 season in A- Hagerstown (now Savannah) batting .225. The following season the Mets had Coronado play the entire year as a 20 year old in the Florida Coast League for the St. Lucie Mets where he hit .225 in 138 games. The following season the Mets started him in AA Binghamton where he continued to struggle with the bat as he hit .212.

Coronado has always struggled with the bat but he does play good defense due to good hands and average arm and athleticism. It is very clear the Mets have been rushing Coronado up because he starts in a better league every year. Though, there should be no rush for Coronado because the Mets have Jose Reyes at shortstop and he will be a Met for at least a few more years. Leaving the young shortstop in AA for at least the all star break would be a good move. Coronado is 3 for 9 since being sent down with only 1 strikeout. He needs to show he can hit consistently if he wants to move up to AAA and eventually the majors; If not he will be a defensive specialist at best because he has no power and average speed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Right Handed Power Bat We May Already Have

Anybody I get into Mets talk with is over time going to hear of a quote/idea/ or general baseball philosophy that I received in one of my daily Mets conversations with who I call My Crazy Uncle Ritchie. I call him this with the upmost fondness and a little bit of a buddy like punch in the arm. He is the reason I am a Mets fan in March. Or if you would prefer, he is to blame for me being a Mets fan as I cry in my Starbucks in September. (But this year that will change). For example; there was not a single day that passed in Willie Randolph’s entire tenure as Mets manager were I did not here a minimum of 10 times per day “Willie has no expletiven idea how to handle a pitching staff.” Well needless to say that my Crazy Uncle Ritchie was right, like he usually is, and about a year too late the organization realized the same thing. The reason he said it 10 times a day for 3 &1/2 years is because he is crazy. Anyway, several times a day for the last 4 or five months I have been hearing. “They better hold on to that Nick Evans kid. He looks like he has the make up to be a very productive hitter. You can also tell that he is going to develop more and more long-ball capabilities the more comfortable he gets. I am telling you Bren they better not screw this kid up. He could be very special. Did you hear what the expletivin Yankees are trying to do now?”

Unfortunately I had to wait until the Dodgers signed Manny Ramirez before I posted this. I admit it; I was a little mesmerized by the idea when the Manny rumors were gaining wind even though the captain was not on board. But now that this is in the past and we move towards opening day for all teams from the big squad on down I must say that I took my uncle’s advice and looked a little closer at this Evans kid.

D.O.B :
1/31/1986 There is that year again. I have to find out why it seems so significant within this forum.

Vitals: Good heavens the kid is right handed. Part of the Big Binghamton 3 last year (The well hyped Dan Murphy, and recently Marinered Mike Carp being the other 2) Evans’ AA numbers stood up to what I like to call the minimum requirement minor league range test. Batted .311 with a .365 obp. Normally I like to see at least a 75 point disparity between batting average and on base percentage. He did not meet this criteria. And 54 points is a big difference than 75 points. But, I see 2 other factors that sway my opinion more towards his favor. 1) Because he was needed at various times on the big club he only had 296 at bats in AA. That is different than the standard big league starter’s 400-450 at bats. I am not going to make this about math but if he had 5 or six more bases on balls he would likely have cleared the 75 point plateau. Especially towards the end of the season when the single A pitchers get promoted and are only interested in showing off how hard they can throw and give up more walks in the last month than any other 2 months combined. And 2) In 2007 in St. Lucie facing said single A pitching his o.b.p. was .374 with a batting average of .286. So we are not talking about an impatient hitter.

Up – Side:
Though I am not sure how reliable my sources are, but I will say that they are multiple, and in one case very close to the big league team. I have heard that he was hurt last year for periods beyond his stint on the D.L. but was not a complainer. He just went out and played ball and made no excuses. That is worth a lot to me. Scouting reports on his potential vary from very good to nothing to write nothing about. However; they all seem to be consistent in saying that he has tremendous potential as far as power is concerned. He did have 14 Hr. 18 2b. &even 7 3b in those same 296 at bats. So when he got a hold of one he usually seems to make the most of it. He only had 2 Hr in 109 big league at bats but that is 3 more than I had.

And let’s face it; He is right handed. At the moment our best right handed bat off the bench on the big club is our back-up catcher.

Prediction: Makes the club out of Spring Training or shortly there after. Why the hell not. He could give a break to Murphy in Left, Church in Right, Delgado at first (All positions he has at least some experience at. Any manager the Mets face is going to have 2 left handed specialists’ available and warm at all times. To me it seems like it is either Evans or Angel Pagan who I am not against but Pagan is another story for another day. For now I have to get this posted because Nick Evans hit a double and a triple against legitimate pitchers today after hitting a grand slam yesterday. I am afraid if I wait any longer it will seem like I am writing an article on what a bright future Jose Reyes has. STOP – Re-read the sentence. I said I was afraid it would happen. I did not make any comparisons. I just told my Crazy Uncle Ritchie that I had to call him back so I could finish this. I get to hear about the afore mentioned double, triple, grand slam and how they better not screw this kid up for the rest of the evening... And I would not have it any other way. (Dig the Doogie Howser ending)

Written By: Brendan Burt

Sunday, March 08, 2009

WBC Talent

The World Baseball Classic is an interesting time because players from various parts of the world come together to compete for their countries. While many of these athletes are major league players in the MLB or professional leagues like the Japanese league a large chunk of them are minor league players. The Mets have a plethora of there major league talent on the various international teams but they also have players from their minor league system.

19 year old Ruben Tejada is the starting shortstop for Team Panama. In 2007 Tejada hit .324 with 41 rbis, 45 runs, 16 stolen bases, 35 strikeouts, and 38 walks in 67 games between the Venezuelan summer league and the rookie gulf league. He was unable to continue that success in 2008 as he struggled throughout the year in the hitter friendly Florida state league. He only managed a .229 average with 37 rbis, 55 runs. He stuck out 77 times compared to 41 walks and was thrown out stealing 5 times out of 13 tries accumulating for only 8 stolen bases. Tejada plays solid defense and has a very good arm but his bad is very inconsistent.

Shawn Bowman is a third baseman on Team Canada. Bowman who was once a highly touted prospect has been healthy recently. Bowman had a career year for the A Capital City Bombers when he was 20 years old putting up 19 home runs, 69 rbis, and 66 runs while batting .258 in 110 games as he carried his team to an 89-47 record. Bowman won’t see much time in the world baseball classic but it could be a good opportunity to regain his status as a prospect.

Third baseman/First baseman Stefan Welch will represent team Australia. Welch is a tall kid with a lot of potential to hit for both power and average. Welch hit .281 with 4 home runs, 8 triples, and 14 doubles in the Appalachian league last season.

I think this World Baseball Classic is especially interesting for minor league players. It gives them a chance to play against major league players and the opportunity to escalate themselves into hopefully becoming major leaguers earlier.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Training, Finally!

Spring Training is finally upon us. Spring training is great because it prepares older players for the regular season while showcasing future talents. This year the Mets have a decent amount of talent some of whom have an actual chance of making the team.

Lefty Jon Niese and hard throwing righty Bobby Parnell arguably have the greatest chance to make the team. Parnell who relies on his mid 90s fastball needs to show he has improved his breaking pitches and is a more complete pitcher then last season. Niese has to show that he is more consistent and can truly handle being in the majors. Niese was rushed up to the Mets after making only a few starts in AAA. Niese started 3 games for the Mets while struggling in 2 and pitching 8 scoreless innings in the other game. Niese has a shot to be the 5th starter but he needs to outpitch solid competitors in veterans Freddy Garcia, Livan Hernandez, and Tim Redding.

Fernando Martinez is once again in camp. He is another year old and closer to finally reaching the Mets. Martinez has tremendous tools but has had problems staying healthy. Many people think Martinez will be called up around July but if he has a good spring he could reach the Mets even sooner.

The Mets have many other prospects in camp like Brad Holt and Dillon Gee, arguably there 2 best pitching prospects. Both will not make the team but it will give them good experience and a chance to show off there potential. Strong hitting catcher Josh Thole and shortstop Jose Cornado will also be in camp to name a few more prospects. Thole has been getting increasingly more popular as hit bat is improving and he might have surpassed Francisco Pena as the Mets top catching prospect.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Putz trade in the end

Earlier this off season the Mets acquired JJ Putz, Jeremy Reed and Sean Green for Aaron Heilman, Joe Smith, Endy Chavez, Jason Vargas, Mike Carp, outfielder Ezequiel Carrera and righty pitcher Maikel Cleto. Right now the trade seems like a steal but I would like to take a closer look to see who the Mets really gave up.

Everyone knows the big name players whom the Mets surrendered to the Mariners and Indians like Smith, Chavez, and of course Heilman. But many people do not know the young prospects who were traded and what their future might hold.

The top prospect the Mets gave up is first baseman and future DH Mike Carp. Carp is known for his bat and hit .299 with 17 home runs and 72 rbis last year for AA Binghamton as a 22 year old. Carp was highly regarded in before the 2007 season and was invited to spring training, but during the season he injured his hand and struggled in the power category for sometime afterwards. His lack of power was shown when Carp hit .243 and had 0 home runs in 2007 in the Arizona Fall League and still managed to be the AFL Prospect Team. Carp had a strong 2008 season which allowed to be used as the high chip prospect in this deal.

Lefty Jason Vargas was acquired in November of 2006 along with pitcher Adam Bostick in exchange for right-handed relievers Henry Owens and Matt Lindstrom. Vargas had a lot of potential when he arrived in New York but never lived up to it. He spent most of his time in AAA. In 2007 he started 2 games for the Mets, but he allowed 14 runs in 10.1. Vargas missed all of 2008 with injuries but faired well in the AFL as he had a 2.1 era. Vargas isn’t the young talent he was a few years back and at 26 years of age he better get it together if he wants to make it in the big leagues. I wouldn’t even really call Vargas a prospect anymore but he would be considered the 4 prospect in the deal.

Ezequiel Carrera is a pretty good outfielder with a lot of speed. He hit 263 in 2008 while stealing 28 bases. The 21 year old also managed 11 doubles, 12 triples, and 7 homeruns which shows he can hit for average and power and uses the entire field, indicated by the amount of triples. Carrera has also had high on base percentages, .344 in 2008. He had a pretty good amount of potential and is the number 2 prospect in the trade.

Maikel Cleto is a young 19 year old pitcher who pitched decently in 2008 for A- savannah. Cleto relies heavily on his fastball, as most young pitchers due. He allowed 140 hits, 34 walks, 81 strikeouts with a 4.25 era in 135.2 innings for the Gnats. He often struggles with his control which can be seen by the high number of hits and more importantly he surrendered 25 wild pitches. As a young pitcher he has to get better control of his good fastball and needs to become more comfortable with his breaking balls if he wants to find success. He is the number 3 prospect in the deal.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pinch Hit Home Run

In tonight’s Caribbean Series game of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico Mets Prospect Fernando Martinez put the Dominicans ahead with a pinch hit 2 run homer. This put the Dominican Republic on top where they won 2-1.

The Mets have several players in the Caribbean Series. On the Dominican Team: pitcher Valerio De Los Santos, catcher Salvador Paniagua, and Fernando Martinez. On Puerto Rico: Catcher Robinson Cancel and outfielder Jesus Feliciano

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bowman to represent Canada

When Shawn Bowman was 20 years old he was considered one of the New York Mets top prospects. Bowman just had a career year for the A Capital City Bombers putting up 19 home runs, 69 rbis, and 66 runs while batting .258 in 110 games as he carried his team to an 89-47 record. The following year Bowman couldn’t maintain his success batting .221 but he was still had pop in his bat as he bombed 17 homeruns with 53 rbis in 87 games for St. Luicie. But by the end of the2005 season Bowman had chronic back pain which ended up taking the next two and half years to rid of.

As the 2008 season arrived Bowman was not the highly noted hitting prospect he was 4 years prior. He had not been healthy in two and a half years and had a lot to prove. With all the doubt about his health and if he still had any potential Bowman hit .340 in 26 games for St. Lucie but had lost most of his power only knocking 2 home runs and 11 rbis. He then was promoted to AA where he struggled, batting .248 with 2 home runs and 10 rbis in 29 games.

This fall Bowman was invited to play in the prestige’s Arizona Fall League. He didn’t see a lot of playing time but Bowman made the most out of it. In 37 at bats Shawn hit .297 with 2 homes runs and 0 strikeouts. As the 2009 season roles around Bowman should start the season in AA Binghamton and hopefully end up in AAA buffalo by seasons end.

A 6 foot 2 third baseman, Shawn Bowman has some pop to go along with a decent bat. Bowman has a tendency to strikeout (110 strikeouts in87 games in 2005, 35 strikeouts in 29 games in 2008) while drawing few walks showing poor plate discipline. He is not the same hitter he was 4 years ago which makes his future less promising. He could end up being a pretty good bench player but if he wants to make it he needs to fix his discipline problem and stay healthy. Bowman will also play for team Canada in the World Baseball Classic and this could be a good opportunity to show his stuff.

Ranked 17

Recently the Mets Farm System was ranked by while placing 17th.
"It took a few major trades, but their system finally has thinned. Their international scouting department has saved the system, with three of their top six prospects (Fernando Martinez, Wilmer Flores and Jefry Marte) all coming via that route. Keep an eye on Brad Holt, a potentially fast mover from the 2008 draft whose curveball is improving."

Everyone knows about Fernando Martinez as he has been regarded as the Mets top prospect for awhile now but Flores and Marte both have tremendous potential. Both are very young and had very strong season's last year so this upcoming year will be especially important.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Gun Slinger Named Holt:

Okay before I go into why I think Bradley Holt is the closest thing to a pitching sure shot in the Mets lower farm system, let me have a little fun with just his name. It holds no true value and certainly does not have a check box next to a player evaluator in any scouting system anywhere. But come on. “Now taking the mound Bradley Holt.” “The Holt 45.” “And the Braves playoff run has come to a screeching Holt.” I admit that last one was a stretch but you have to admit the guy has a good baseball name. This being said, I am still dumbfounded that a guy who’s name was (and to my knowledge still is)Butch Husky is not preparing his hall of fame speech right now. So we better play it safe and look at the player. Just in case the name doesn’t pan out.
Born: October 13, 1986. Sorry, that is the second time that October of 1986 has come up and it has been eating me alive trying to remember why that month and year are so important to me.

Drafted: 2008 Compensatory pick out of the University of North Carolina. Worthy of note, the draft pick the Mets got for not resigning Tom Glavine after he concluded his Mets career with “Just like any other game. Do I have enough sky miles to fly me and my family back to Atlanta?”

Vitals: Throws right handed (How rare…) Builds around his fast ball. Radar reports vary but most have his heater in the 91-94 range. Throws 3 pitches for strikes and this time next year it should be four.
Took a perfect game into the 6th inning of his second professional start.

Stats: 14 Starts all with the Brooklyn Cyclones. 5W 3L – 1.87 ERA – 96 K – 72.1 IP –
It should also be noted that as endearing as a 1.87 ERA is on July 29, 2008 he gave up 7 walks, 3 hits, 3 earned runs in 3.1 innings of work. His ERA for a day when he could not get out of the 4th inning was 8.10 he still managed 2 strikeouts. What I like to see here is: In the previous game he went 6 innings gave up no earned runs and struck out 14 on July 24. The lousy game happened. How did he respond? With pure heart. On August 3rd he went six strong innings giving up one run, 4 hits, 3 walks and struck out 5. This tells me? He had a bad start. Shook it off. Made adjustments i.e. he only struck out 5 and relied more on his brain than he did his arm. Without the game on July 24, his ERA would have been around 1.25.

Potential: I had to be careful when I did my first write up on Josh Thole because between the time I started to research him and the time I started to write, a buzz had begun to … well buzz. This time I am pulling no punches. I have seen Holt pitch in person he appears to have the heart of a lion and the brain of a UNC graduate.
X Factor: another thing you can’t research on the web, is this kid’s determination and ability to make adjustments. He already seems to have the on field demeanor of a big leaguer. In my opinion it is just a Question of when. I predict Citi Field in some capacity by 2010. You heard me. That is the season after next.

Up-Side: He did four years in college so is likely on the fast track. I don’t think he will need more than 75-85 innings in AA ball before people start to talk. He possesses tremendous control of his fastball to the point were I would almost say he throws 2 different fast balls as well as a change up. Very high ceiling. Just for comparison, I did not see as much potential in Pelfrey or Heilman after they were drafted. I won’t discuss the gentleman down in Tampa who I saw a lot of potential in as well.

Down-Side: Secondary pitches take time to develop, and even more time to master. At this stage in his career he seems to reach for the fastball a little to soon and often when the count does not necessarily call for an out pitch yet. Big leaguers will see that and make him pay in sums of great pride. He needs to spend next year mastering his secondary pitches. He does have the motion and build to throw a good cutter (that’s a cut fast ball to all of you non catchers out there, and a slider to anybody over the age of fifty. Maybe he can start to develop one of those.

The Mets Very Own Joe Maur? Or The Curse Of The Soutpaw?

Josh Thole played most of the year behind the plate in Port St. Lucie and had been selected to the Florida State League Mid –Season and post season All Star team. Mr. Thole is presently playing in the winter leagues and from what I have read thus far, his numbers in winter ball are likely to improve before I am done typing. (7:56 a.m. November 14, 2008)
Born: October 28, 1986 – Now what do I remember most about October of ’86. I forget
Drafted: 2005 player draft. 13th round (389 overall).
Born: 10/28/1986
Vitals: Bats Left Throws Right. 82 point disparity between batting average and on base percentage. Struck out 38 times in 347 at bats. (Puts ball in play almost 90%)
Stats: St Lucie 2008: .300 avg. -111 games – 347 AB – 49 R – 104 H – 25 2b– 2 3b - 5 HR – 56 RBI – 45 BB – 2 SB. - .427 SLG.
AFL 2008: (up to the minute) .368 avg. – 16 g– 58 AB – 15 R – 21 H – 1 2b – 2 HR – 15 RBI – 1 SB for good measure. He only struck out 4 times in 58 at bats. Did I mention that he has plate discipline?

Potential: Difficult to predict as he has not played AA ball as of yet. With main focus on patience and pitch selection possible spring training invite, subsequent promotion to Binghamton. He could work his way north to Buffalo as soon as July 2009. Then its anybodies' guess. His numbers in the AFL are starting to create a little buzz. Trade bait? Could he be the future starting catcher at Citi Field? Back up catcher to big league club? We must keep in mind that the area behind the plate wherever the Mets play is the closest piece of real estate the Mets have to the coveted centerfield at Yankee Stadium. And we sure do have an affection for our own home grown talent.
I would need to see more at the higher levels to be definitive. I hope he gets an invite to spring training because I plan to make a few trips down there next year. I would need to see the way he calls a game against A-level big leaguers.
Up-Side: Patience and plate discipline (or didn't I mention that.Josh batted .667 in 12 at bats vs. left handed pitching in the AFL. Lefty against Lefty, advantage: Pitcher)
X-Factor Josh has only recently become a full (or most of the) time catcher. When it comes to defense behind the plate, I do not trust any other reports but my own. As a catcher myself, I need to be in the building to see his a) Footwork. b) Arm. More specifically how he gets his throws off. Are his throws merely academic? or does he have that look in his eyes that every good catcher should have? The look that sees the runner and says “Dead.”
A possible“Down Side” believe it or not is the fact that he bats left handed. I have never seen any organization with this problem, but the Mets have too many left handed everything. This may prove a short term disadvantage but when all is said and done if the player rises to the league and does not wait for the league to lower itself to the player (which seems to be the case in the early stages) there will be room for him. Hell we learned to live with a left handed batting catcher for a good chunk of the big club's season this year. But this could be an eventual...
Down Side He was drafted in 2005 and has not crossed A-ball. Again, in a world where lefties are rare, and even more rare in baseball players, the Mets have found a way to have too many. (The best example I can think of to elaborate on this point just in cas I haven't beat it to death and again back to life is, Ryan Church of the big club. The man went through hell to get back on the field, having began to prove his critics wrong by hitting left handed pitching at the beginning of the season, returns just in time to have to face southpaws in six of his first seven starts. The Transition may have been easier if they did not already have Delgado, Chavez, Schneider and often Daniel Murphy in the same lineup) Of course this is the kind of problem baseball teams generally wish for. And considering how patient he is at such a young age this should be no great obstacle.
Finally: Consider this, there were 2 catchers selected in the first round that year and by the 79th pick (all supplemental rounds included) 6 catchers had been selected. This was also the same draft that brought us such names as Ryan Braun, Jacoby Elsbury, Ryan Zimmerman, Troy Tulowiyski, Clay Bucholz and the Mets own Mike Pelfrey. Surely this could be a draft were a great talent was overlooked until the mid rounds. Anybody remember a Mets back stop who was drafted with the last pick of the last round (as a favor to Tommy Lasorda I might add.. well I did add) by the Dodgers in the early 90s? All told, I like the numbers this kid is putting up. I must admit to being (on ocasion) a little too optimistic when it comes to Mets farm hands because the first name I think of when I see a lefty hitting catcher is Joe Maur. I will conveniently overlook the offensive numbers of the Mets present (8:32 a.m. November 13, 2008) catcher, also a lefty.

Monday, November 10, 2008

F-Mart Update:

Fernando Martinez has been dominating the Dominican winter league. In 41 at bats, Martinez is hitting .341 with 2 home runs, 3 doubles, and a triple.